A Warm Welcome to HSLP’s 2017 Class!


HSLP faculty are delighted to announce the induction of a brand new cohort of students to our program! These 1st and 2nd year students, from all TMDU faculties, were warmly welcomed during our annual Entrance Ceremony on October 10th.

TMDU faculty from Liberal Arts and Sciences, Medicine, Health Care Sciences and Dentistry all spoke to the incoming class about the valuable opportunity they have been given as part of this special program. In his welcome address, Dr. Takada recalled how difficult it was when he was a student to connect to those who were interested in a global career in medicine; this lack in fact served as the impetuous to create HSLP five years ago. And 5th year HSLP student Kenta Yao offered encouraging advice, reminding the new cohort that they join a vibrant community of like-minded students who are all challenging to make a change in the future.

As we welcome our new students and congratulate all our HSLP members on the hard work and vision they continue to show, we would also like to wish HSLP a happy five-year anniversary!