HSLP Welcomes New Students to the Program!

On Tuesday October 6, 2020, HSLP held its annual Matriculation Ceremony and inducted 27 new students to the program! During the ceremony, HSLP faculty and staff we joined by other faculty from the Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Institute of Global Affairs, and Medical, Dental, Health Care Sciences and Oral Care Health Education, who all gathered to welcome these bright young students. Faculty from each department spoke to the new students of the importance of global leadership studies, especially in light of the current spread of COVID-19.

As a result of pandemic, this was also the first Matriculation Ceremony to be held all online. Everyone eagerly gathered in Zoom to officially mark the acceptance of these new students. Although participants may have missed seeing each other in person to celebrate, the virtual format of the event in no way dulled the anticipation and excitement of the students and faculty.

Congratulations to this new HSLP cohort and good luck with your studies this coming semester!

hslp2020ceremony_group photo1 hslp2020ceremony_group photo2