“Find-Your-Role-Model” Sessions

Find-Your-Role-Model sessions provide students with the opportunity to be inspired by the leadership achievements of <br />our invited guests and to network with these role models for future career development.


The Find-Your-Role-Model series (FYRM) invites global leaders from the health sciences arena to discuss their educational and career trajectories with our current students and faculty members. These sessions provide an opportunity for the TMDU community to be inspired by the leadership achievements and activities of FYRM guests and to network with these role models for future career development.

Interactive Discussions


During each session, invited guests describe their educational background, training and career path, particularly highlighting the experiences that might serve as practical advice for students and faculty who are interested in global leadership opportunities. This is followed by an interactive discussion, facilitated by student moderators, where the audience can engage the guest through direct questions and answers. During this round-table style discussion, guests might describe in more detail the individual steps they took towards their career path, experiences they’ve gained, challenges they have overcome, or their own personal role models who have assisted or inspired them.

Anyone from the university, students, faculty and staff, is invited to participate in the FYRM sessions. Depending on the guest, sessions can be held in either English or Japanese, and when necessary, student moderators and faculty provide interpretation.

Global Leaders in the Health Sciences


FYRM guests may be active leaders in academia, or in the fields of medical care, medical industry and policy, or the health sciences. Previous guests include a senior faculty member from Harvard Medical School, a senior researcher from the U.S. National Institute of Health, members of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO), a specialist in health care from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and the Chief Medical Officer from a global pharmaceutical company. An alumnus who is currently practicing clinical medicine in the U.S. was also a former guest.

We are always eager to receive requests and recommendations for future guests! Let us know who you would like to hear from!

Networking and Community Building

Acquiring the necessary qualifications, training and work experience to become a global leader in the health sciences requires setting goals and working diligently to achieve them. For that reason, learning about career opportunities and networking with professionals from those areas is an essential component of this process. Through FYRM sessions, students and faculty who are interested in taking on a leadership role are able to join a community of global leaders and find support for their future endeavors. In these ways, FYRM sessions are a valuable opportunity for students to learn about practical issues related to their career goals, while being inspired by these role models.


  • Leadership

    To present a vision and inspiration towards obtaining the necessary leadership qualities to solve problems.

  • Global Perspective

    To develop the ability to look at things from a wide perspective by distancing yourself from your own regional, cultural values.