2018 Design Thinking Bootcamp


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Bootcamp Description

Today, health practitioners face challenges and opportunities that are growing increasingly complex and involve diverse stakeholders. In order to realize the creativity necessary for true innovation and change in the fields of health sciences, it is essential for global leaders to acquire new problem solving methods and research perspectives. As design thinking is a human-centered approach focused on crafting real world applications, it is an ideal method for bridging clinical or health care realities with basic science or lab research. The design-thinking model is centered on open-ended and creative data collection, solution prototyping and testing, and iteration based on feedback through all parts of the research and production process. Students in this workshop will work through several challenges in order to increase their knowledge of the design thinking toolkit as well as learn brainstorming and other creative thinking methods.


  • A relaxed experimental learning atmosphere that encourages risk-taking and creativity
  • Workshop format based on the experience absorption-style learning method
  • Language of instruction: English


Rebecca Carlson
(G)HsLP faculty member, with a background in Film Making/Media Production and Anthropology

Target Audience・Maximum Class Size・Requirements・Selection Method

  • (Target) Any students of the Bachelor Arts or Upper Grad programs
  • (Limit) Depends on enrollment; Notification of acceptance will be sent on Monday, March 12
  • (Requirements) As this is an English-only workshop, a TOEFL ITP score of 550 (iBT 80), or equivalent is highly recommended
  • (Selection method) First come, first served


3/18 (Sun) , 9:00 -17:00, Building 1 West, 7th Floor, Department of Oral Health: Lecture Room 3(1号館西7階 口腔保健学科 第3講義室)


If you would like to attend this workshop, please visit the following website and register
(Sign-up Deadline) Friday, March 9th, 17:00


Institute of Global Affairs, Global Advancement Administrative Unit:
(03) 5803-4964
E-mail: global.adm@tmd.ac.jp