HSLP welcomes 25 new students to the program!

HSLP faculty and staff are excited to welcome the new 2018 student cohort! These 25 first year students were inducted into to program on Tuesday, October 9th, during the annual Matriculation Ceremony.

During the ceremony, Prof. Kitagawa, Dean of Medicine, and Prof. Hieda, Chair of Liberal Arts and Sciences Education, joined us to welcome the incoming class. In his welcome address Prof. Hieda encouraged students not only to value English education, but also to strive to be well-rounded and inquisitive students. Prof. Takada, Director of the program, spoke about HSLP’s goal to “produce leaders who improve the health status of people all over the world through innovation in health sciences.” Tomohiro Kojimahara, a fifth year HSLP medical student, spoke about his own experience in the program and encouraged the incoming cohort to take advantage of opportunities in HSLP for personal growth.

All HSLP faculty, staff and students would like to warmly welcome our new members and congratulate them on their entrance to the program! You are joining an energetic community who shares your passion and enthusiasm for making a change in the world. We look forward to getting to know you!