TMDU/Waseda Discussion Café on July 6, 2019

Students Discuss what Happiness Means to Them at DCafé

Our 12th Discussion Café, an ongoing collaboration between TMDU and Waseda University, was held on Saturday, July the 6th. The event brought together over 40 students with diverse backgrounds from both universities.

This time, students tackled the topic of Happiness, sharing their own personal definitions and experiences in their groups. The event was very lively and students clearly enjoyed the opportunity to talk together in English about such a personal topic, as well as meet new people.

Discussion Café is a fantastic opportunity to practice English communication skills as well as to network with students from a wide variety of majors, career goals and cultural backgrounds. This event wouldn't have been possible without the hard work of Waseda University's ICC staff, and the assistance of TMDU's HSLP and international student Task Force, who all worked very hard to prepare for this event! The next DCafé will be held in December on TMDU's campus. We hope to see you all there!