21 students are welcomed in HSLP matriculation ceremony

In a very competitive year of applications, HSLP is pleased to welcome 21 new students to our program. Coming from various university departments, these new students have shown a strong commitment and motivation to become future global leaders in the health sciences, and have already started working very hard in our courses.

During the ceremony, professors from across the university joined us to welcome and encourage these new students in their endeavors, reminding them that while English skills are a needed tool, without the desire to consider new perspectives and maintain a holistic approach to healthcare, they aren’t helpful alone. HSLP faculty and students reflected on they growth they’ve observed within the community, and framed HSLP as an exciting journey and opportunity for change with like minded peers.

HSLP and the university would like to warmly welcome these new students and encourage them take advantage of opportunities in the program and university to continue to learn and grow!